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A little less than 2 years ago, I brought my daughter Hollie Neill to see you.  She had just finished Vision Therapy but was still struggling academically.  You did SOI testing and prepared a homeschool program for me to follow with her.

We followed the plan but the next summer she was still struggling.  I talked to Sue who reminded me that we had not begun the Lindamood Bell V/V program (a visualizing and verbalizing program).  After checking into this I realized it was beyond my ability.  Praise God! when I found that they have an office in Dallas.

Over the last 9 months, Hollie has completed 2 1/2 months of the V/V program with Lindamood Bell.  It has completely changed her life….academically yes, but also in so many other areas as well.  My whole family has noticed the difference in her.

She is now reading, writing, and doing math at grade level.  To us it is a miracle.

Thank you so much for taking the time with her and pointing us in the right direction.  One we may not have found without your assistance.

Sharon Neill

As a concerned parent of a child that could not read when she entered the second grade, you held our hands, assured us and helped us work with the school district for the benefit of Brittany.  We always knew Brittany was a smart girl, with your help, she has proven that to all of us.

She always received positive encouragement from you and your tutors, even on those days when she just wasn’t into it.  Whenever we needed an ear or documentation for her, you had it ready for us.

I have enclosed Brittany’s report card for last year and her TAAS scores.  She received Academic Recognition in READING!!!!!  Although she fell a little short on her math score, I know you were instrumental in getting her where she is today!

Thanks for everything,
Mary C. Reed

Thanks for all your help with Michael & Eric.  We’re hopeful Michael will find his way and become successful in life.  He’s really involved with computers and reads constantly.  He qualified for the Duke University Gifted & Talented Identification Search in language arts.

Eric made straight A’s, all honors for junior high, received the cluster’s gifted student award, and received the President’s Gold award for outstanding academic achievement.  (They checked the student’s grades and test scores for the last three years to qualify).  So we’re very pleased with how the boys are doing in school.

I still feel the SOI program is one of the best around.  Thanks for you dedication to our children.

Marilee Vergati

Remember me?  I’m the one who you overheard carrying on a conversation full of frustrations with a friend in the Dallas Airport about a year ago concerning problems we had been experiencing with my little granddaughter.  Thank God, you cared enough to turn around and enter into our conversation and tell me that you thought my granddaughter could be helped.

You evaluated her and recommended a program that we could do at home due to the distance from your clinic.  The Doctor seemed to think she should be finished with her program in a matter of months.  However, it took an entire year.  Although, this had taken longer than it was supposed to, our lives have certainly changed for the better.  For sometime now, we have been seeing an improvement.  She knows how to read now and her interest in books has come back.  She acts like she feels better about herself and she participates in things now that she did not participate in before because she knew she could not read and would be embarrassed.

I can never thank you enough for caring about a frustrated grandmother who was a complete stranger to take the time and talk to me about my problems.  I realize it would have been easier for you to just close your ears and ignore what you were hearing but thank God you didn’t!  I have told innumerable people about you!  Now, let’s discuss my older granddaughter…

Doris Patton

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