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CHPA Diagnostic Testing and Tutoring Services


The following explains after hours tutoring during the school year.

Our clients need to be aware that there is more than one type of tutoring.  There is traditional academic tutoring, and there is individual education plan tutoring based on test results.

Our theory when it comes to tutoring is that if the approach utilized in schools worked for all children, students wouldn’t need additional help outside of the classroom setting.  It is for that reason that we recommend that every student that attends our facility be tested utilizing the diagnostic approach offered in the Structure of Intellect Learning Abilities Test (click HERE to learn about testing).  It has been our experience that a traditional tutoring approach is more of a “band aide” than a “fix” to academic issues for many students.  Traditional tutoring includes helping with homework….it may result in a better grade on any given assignment, but the skills do not always transfer.  We believe that learning is about what each student brings to the table that enables them to learn.  It is for that reason that we believe that it is better to have a plan that is based on the knowledge of exactly where the student is in regard to their readiness to learn from instruction.  It is our commitment to inform parents of their options so that they can have all the knowledge necessary to make educated decisions.  With all of this in mind, we offer two plans for tutoring students as listed below.

Plan Options

Plan I – This plan is the most efficient way to obtain a permanent solution for learning struggles.  Students are tested by CEDAR HILL PREPARATORY ACADEMY and then a prescriptive plan is developed and administered specifically for your child.  If foundational abilities need to be addressed, they will be included in the plan – but the most important thing is that there is a plan designed based on your child’s needs.

Plan II – This plan is an alternative to Plan I and is simply help in specific academic subjects (i.e. helping with homework assignments, re-presenting information in various formats, etc.)  This plan is dictated by what the student is struggling with currently without knowing exactly why the struggle began.  This type of tutoring is most effective if the student simply has a teacher they can’t understand, or they have missed explanations due to absences, etc.  It is easy to get behind!
If you choose Plan II, you must sign a document acknowledging the limitations of your child not being tested (that document can be found HERE).

Summer School

Summer School is offered in two different sessions. Plan I and Plan II are both available during each of the summer sessions.  In addition, Cedar Hill Preparatory Academy offers Credit Recovery for high school students.  These courses are based on student needs.  Please call for additional information regarding summer school.

The following information applies regardless of the plan chosen.

Hours of Operation and Fees


4:15 pm – 6:15 pm

Cost (Plan I and II)*

Please call for current pricing

Cost (Credit Recovery)

* per 1/2 credit + $50 non-refundable enrollment fee + material cost*

*Please call for current pricing



Cedar Hill Preparatory Academy aspires to accomplish the following in its tutoring program:  To help students achieve the highest level of learning possible in the least restrictive environment, accomplished through a plan designed to address all identified areas of weaknesses which could prevent future successes.  If desired, it includes making any transitions back into a traditional school setting or work experience by our clients, positive ones.

Tutoring / Instructor Qualifications

All tutors/teachers are trained to use our materials, and many are certified teachers.  Based on test results, we choose the materials to be included in each client’s program and make sure that tutors/teachers proficient in those materials be matched with specific clients.  Training in specific methodologies utilized in our clinic also takes place.  Tutoring supervisors are degreed, advanced Structure of Intellect trainers with more than fifty years combined experience in the field of education.


Cedar Hill Preparatory Academy believes that a positive attitude is vital for a successful learning experience.  We make every effort to instill this in our clients and request parents support this endeavor.

Duration of Our Plan

The duration of a client’s plan is based solely on test results and mastery of prescribed materials. Cedar Hill Preparatory Academy is not a “quick fix.”  Although it is our desire to help our clients complete their plans as quickly as possible to enable them to be successful, we do not move on until mastery has occurred.  This varies.  Although we cannot make a guarantee as to how long a program will take, we can make educated guesses the longer we work with a client.  We do know that commitment to completing a program is a major component of success.  The commitment you make is not to us; it is to yourself and/or your child.

The Plan

The most important thing we do at Cedar Hill Preparatory Academy is help students become successful. Identification and diagnosis is a piece of the puzzle- a big piece, but what sets Cedar Hill Preparatory Academy apart from other diagnostic clinics is the fact that we not only identify the issues, but we offer a plan to remediate and/or enrich the areas of concern, and we offer the actual follow-up services.
Once we have all of the information compiled, we schedule a conference with the individuals involved and let them know what the sources not the symptoms of the problems are. At that time we also share a plan to address all of the areas and most importantly the order in which things must be accomplished to make one successful in an academic setting. So what Cedar Hill Preparatory Academy offers that is different is a solution to a particular problem. This is not a “quick fix” or a band aid approach, but rather a permanent end to the “same old struggles.” The plan can be very comprehensive and involved. Whatever the case, the plan is prescriptive for each individual and will provide exactly what the individual needs – no more busy work! It may be necessary to back up, but it’s all about the client and where they are and what they need to do in order to get where they want to be.

Our expertise in knowing the right thing to do for each individual is not only based on our background but also our experience working with a wide variety of needs for a multitude of years. In a nutshell, we have narrowed our bookshelves to include only those strategies that work!

In addition, professionals at Cedar Hill Preparatory Academy have an exceptional understanding of school curriculum and an excellent rapport working with schools. For example, when dealing with school-aged clients, based on the client’s diagnosis, it is determined if the client needs:

To be referred and qualified for special education services
To be qualified as a 504 student
Specialized curriculum and if so which ones would be the most beneficial
Programs available in the school and which ones would be most beneficial

By working with the school, attending meetings, and/or educating the parents, we can eliminate duplicate services and enhance the environment where the student spends the majority of his/her time. We are also able to benefit from direct feedback from the teachers regarding academic gaps once the student’s foundational abilities are in place.

While the above mentioned scenario constitutes the majority of Cedar Hill Preparatory Academy’s clients, we are also pleased to serve those interested in career counseling, as well as, home schoolers.


Home School Plans

Over the past few years home schooling has become increasingly popular for multiple reasons.  At Cedar Hill Preparatory Academy we see clients who are interested in home schooling for religious, academic, and/or social reasons.  Some clients want to accelerate the speed of their learning while others want to customize theirs and take as long as they need.  All of our home schoolers are overseen by a 38 year veteran of public and private schools.  Most important is the fact that she is a mother who home schooled her own children from kindergarten through 12th grade.

Based on the different types of needs we have seen, Cedar Hill Preparatory Academy offers the following services:

Consulting – We will gladly share our expertise and opinions of various home school programs; home school umbrella programs through private schools; pre-packaged curriculums, etc.  There are many out there to choose from, and many are very costly.  We have not necessarily found good and bad programs/materials, but specific ones that are better for certain individuals.  We will share with you the pros and cons of various programs and materials based on an hourly fee.
Customized Programs – Many of our clients prefer a custom-made home school program.  Because we test prior to setting up the program it truly is custom-made.  Refer to the section of this site regarding diagnostic testing.
Tutoring – Sometimes students need additional help in specific subjects. We will set up one-on-one sessions to help your child master almost any subject area.
Home School parents are responsible for their child’s transcripts.  In order to receive a transcript from Cedar Hill Preparatory Academy, the child must physically attend Cedar Hill Preparatory Academy.

For more information please click HERE or call.

Cedar Hill Preparatory Academy

For those parents that desire a private school setting that meets the specific needs of their child, we now offer enrollment in Cedar Hill Preparatory Academy located at 1513 S. Highway 67 in Cedar Hill, Texas.

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