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In-Service Training Examples

Cedar Hill Preparatory Academy is pleased to train others (teachers, schools, parents) in our techniques and related areas. We offer a variety of seminars/inservices based on client needs.  If you have a specific educational topic you are interested in, chances are we are capable of filling the bill.  We can provide you with references of many satisfied audiences upon request.

Effective Materials and Techniques for the Learning Disabled

There are catalogs full of materials for teachers to use.  Unfortunately, most provide practice only, assuming the student already has the appropriate learning abilities in place to successfully complete the activity.  Assumptions are very dangerous for the learning disabled.

We assume they can do things that they cannot.  Thank goodness there are also materials available that don’t assume anything; instead they teach.  Whether it’s the evaluation skills needed to successfully do grammar or math word problems or the auditory memory required for learning multiplication tables, there are materials that address these needs.  We will gladly share with you what works and why, so that you can choose your curriculum more effectively.  (This workshop can be tailored to all levels.)

Customized Dyslexia Training
(Can include Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia)

When it comes to dyslexia, one size does not fit all.  Learn from Cedar Hill Preparatory Academy staff what the myriad of programs available for dyslexics have in common; how to know which program to use with each student; what is missing from these programs that is essential for some dyslexics; and how to accomplish these essentials as a total program and/or as a component of other programs.

Where Do I Go Next?
(Using the TPRI)

The Texas Primary Reading Inventory gives classroom teachers valuable information regarding whether their students are learning very basic skills necessary to read.  But what does the teacher do when he/she has repeatedly obtained the classification “still developing” on a student?  The students have been taught those skills.  Other children have mastered them.  Why haven’t these?  This session will help teachers utilize the information they have gathered on their students and know where to go next to provide appropriate intervention.  (Grades K-6)

Help! I Can’t Read

Although it is difficult to acknowledge, we are all kidding ourselves if we don’t come to terms with the fact that we have students in grades 6-12 that cannot read.  It would also be difficult to determine who this frustrates the most, the teacher or the student!  It’s time to go beyond assessment to follow through.  This session will help arm classroom teachers with the knowledge to help struggling students at their individual levels.  (Grades 6-12)

Getting the Most Out of the Stevenson Language Program

The Stevenson Language Program is very successful with students with a variety of reading/learning problems.  Learn about those students that Stevenson will be most successful with and why it will be successful.  Specific lessons from the series will be demonstrated.

Helping Your Students Find Successful Careers

Having a clear picture of where a student ranks with their actual skills and where they need to be in order to be successful in the career of their choice is valuable information. This unique picture offers students the opportunity to address weaknesses in advance of pursuing a particular career and/or draw on talents and allows them to be limited only by their interests.

Working with the Gifted

Cedar Hill Preparatory Academy offers information on ways to serve gifted students as well as a means of identifying the atypical gifted student and/or the gifted/learning disabled.  This topic can be expanded on and customized to meet specific needs.

Child Advocacy

Parents are often uncomfortable in meetings at their child’s school.  They sometimes feel they are outnumbered; other times, overwhelmed.  The use of educational terminology can be confusing.  Cedar Hill Preparatory Academy offers a service to accompany parents and/or represent parents or children in such meetings.  This may be a simple parent/teacher conference or an official ARD (Admit/Review/Dismiss) meeting for Special Education.  When appropriate, we are prepared to make recommendations for accommodations, special programs, etc. for the student.

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