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Home School Plan

If you choose this component, we can put together an individually designed, prescriptive, and sequenced plan based test results for the parent(s) to follow through with at home. Curriculum is recommended based on each individual’s test results and outside interests. The balanced curriculum addresses any weaknesses the student has – both remediating the weaknesses for future purposes and utilizing curriculum that goes around the problem area for the present. The recommended materials are sequenced in the order they should be used. This also applies to strengths and/or areas in which the individual is gifted. Information will be provided for the parent as to where to purchase all materials. The parent is responsible for following through with the plan. The plan includes an initial conference which explains the plan and does minimal training. The conference usually runs around two hours in length. Call for current rates.

Follow-Up to Home School Plan

Everyone hits roadblocks, and we absolutely want to provide the support necessary for parents to not just begin home schooling, but to continue it for as long as they desire. Parents who pay for a “Home School Plan” (above) are entitled to follow-up questions. Short, infrequent questions can be answered via e-mails. No phone calls please. If a parent needs more training or has detailed, extensive questions, they can request a session with one of our experts at our hourly rate. Call for current rates.

Academic Tutoring for Home School Clients

We tutor students in multiple subject areas if they have been tested here. If there is a subject area you don’t feel comfortable with you may sign up for hourly tutoring at our hourly rate for the duration of that course. Call for current rates.


There are always questions regarding transcripts or records. If you choose to home school your child, you are their school. In the state of Texas, home schools are considered private schools. What you are doing is legal. You are responsible for documenting the work your child does and being able to report what they have done. This includes keeping a transcript. Why do you need a transcript? A transcript is required in the following situations:

1. You choose to enroll your child in a public or private school. There are no guarantees that another school will accept your transcript at face value. Some schools (both public and private) are very home school friendly. Others are not. They may require their own additional testing for placement. This is their choice. However, usually more documentation means fewer problems in placement.
2. When your child graduates from high school they will need a transcript to apply for college and/or scholarships. Some jobs require you to supply a transcript.

Just as it is legal for you to be home schooling, it is legal for you to produce your child’s transcript. There are computer programs that can be purchased for this purpose. Books are available, and some individuals hold workshops instructing parents on how to do this. You will not have any problems with a home school transcript if your child is qualified to attend a particular school. The great equalizers are standardized tests such as the ACT and/or SAT. Our experience has been that if an individual isn’t accepted it is not because they were home schooled; it is because they do not meet the criteria for admittance. Sometimes home schooled students have to go through an extra committee, but we know many who have gone on to major and selective colleges and universities and earned major scholarships. Diplomas are available through the Texas Home School Coalition. Texas Home School Coalition www.thsc.org

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