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Dyslexia Program

There are various types of dyslexia; therefore, one approach to all types would be inappropriate.  At Cedar Hill Preparatory, we first determine the type of dyslexia the individual is dealing with.  This determination comes from test results and interviews / observations with the individual and/or a variety of people who may have worked with the individual (i.e. parents, teachers, tutors, etc.)  A recommendation for treatment then follows.  One of those recommendations is our Brain Mastery Program.

Using the assessments mentioned above, when it has been determined if the individual is what we call a “picture thinker,” (i.e. processes information pictorially) we recommend this particular program.  This ability to picture can be a great asset.  Many jobs require this highly developed visualization ability.  Unfortunately, some “picture thinkers” do not have pictures for every word — specifically what are known as “sight words.”  This includes words such as:  the, a, am, are, is, could, should, were, to, of, etc.  When reading, a “blank” occurs when these words are encountered.  This blank is like a small glitch in the sequence of pictures being processed in the brain.  It creates what could be called a “disorientation.”  Symptoms include but are not limited to:  losing one’s place when reading; inserting words; changing words; word reversals; letter reversals, etc.  They are very similar to mistakes which occur because of visual perception problems, but in this case visual perception is not the cause.

Treatment consists of the individual becoming aware of his/her ability to visualize; learning to control his/her visualization abilities; and mastering the symbols of the English language.  For this type of dyslexia, this is translated as being able to visualize or picture the letters of the alphabet, as well as, sight words, which they do not have pictures for.  This is done through various protocols, depending on age and educational needs.  For example, this program has been completed utilizing a complete reading program for the non-reader, a grammar program, a study skills program, etc.  The individual’s reactions and input determine the protocol used. The success of this particular dyslexia program depends on extended time being spent with the client.  Awareness and control requires intense, constant, one-on-one experiences and communication with the client.  We are then able to move on to the mastery portion of the program.  Once we reach this, the program is set.  Follow-up can be provided at our clinic, by the parent, and/or by a tutor of choice.  We provide a notebook outlining exactly what to do and how to accomplish the goals.  We are available for reassurance and questions for the duration of the program.

Dyslexia does not disappear; however, one can gain control over it and learn how to deal with it throughout his/her lifetime.  This is our goal.

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